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Steel Entry DoorsSteel Doors

Steel doors were the original non wood insulated door option. Until the advent of Fiberglass they were the door of choice where durability and low maintenance was a priority.

Fiberglass Entry DoorsFiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors continue to be the fastest growing segment of the door market. Style, durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance are the key words associated with these doors. The beauty of painted or stained wood without the inherent problems of wood. Fiberglass doors won't crack, swell, split, rot, ding, dent or rust unlike steel or wood doors.

Wood Entry DoorsWood Doors

Wood doors offer unlimited choices in style, glass and wood species. Wood is unmatched for beauty and offers the homeowner a chance to design a door specific to their needs and desires. Wood does require a higher level of maintenance and should not be used in moderate to high exposure areas.

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