Our Philosophy & Principles

Driven to serve and be the best, these are the principles we're committed to:

The customer must be given the best possible service:
In some way, every job relates to enhancing that goal. If youíre not servicing the customer, then you should be servicing someone who is. Outstanding products and services are what keeps bringing customers back when they move and need windows and doors again.

Excellence and superior performance must be pursued:
Pursue all tasks with the idea that they can be accomplished in superior fashion. To achieve excellence, we need superior training, and we must feel compelled to succeed. A highly competitive environment creates an atmosphere that nurtures excellence.

The individual must be respected:
People not money or things, are an organizationís greatest asset. We want the people who work for us to feel good about themselves and their work. Each individual makes a difference. Superior performances are recognized and rewarded.

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