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Etchmatte glass is one of many options to give you privacy and elegance.
A beautiful Craftsman style,
fir entry door compliments the style of this home.
The windows next to the door have polished V-Goove glass. We have many options of V-Groove to enhance your style of home.



This homeowner chose 1 1/16" wide sculptured grids in a traditional box pattern.
The low-vent single-hung allows you to see over the bar.
The lower bar set also nicely balances the arch.



Arch windows can add creative style.
Your entry door makes a statement. What kind of statement do you want to make?



The diamond grid pattern is used in the transoms throughout this home.
You can have
"Parade of Homes" style
windows too.
This transom is part of a
double-door entry system.
All of the windows in this home have desert tan frames and bronze grids.



This striking arrangement includes a Milgard Ultra French door.
Adding a transom over a window or door adds height and light.



Custom windows allow your personal style to show.



This large arch window adds elegance to the master spa.

A small sliding window in the shower provides excellent ventilation without the noise of a fan.





Low vent single hungs in the family room provide ventilation and an unobstructed view.
Here is another example of ventilation with a clear view. Notice the small vents in the side windows.



We have doors with mini-blinds between the panes of glass. These can also be made as a double door system.
Our builders division can help design decorative grid patterns to add style to your home. This is a border pattern.


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